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Daz Tokens

Earn extra savings on
your entire cart
with Daz Tokens!

You'll get 1 token for every $10 you spend in a single transaction
Apply your tokens at checkout to get an EXTRA 5% OFF* your cart
per token - for possible savings of up to an EXTRA 40% OFF!*

Daz Tokens

How it works

1. Earn Daz Tokens

You’ll get 1 Token for every $10 you spend in a single transaction, excluding the purchase of Gift Cards.
Example: You spent $50? Congrats! You now have 5 Tokens.

2. Apply up to 8 Daz Tokens to your order

You can easily add or subtract Tokens to your cart at checkout. You’ll get an EXTRA 5% OFF* your cart for every Token you apply. Use 8 Tokens to get an EXTRA 40% OFF!*

3. Maximize your savings

Don’t lose your hard-earned Daz Tokens! They expire after a limited time, so use them before they’re gone!

* Earning Tokens and Token discount excludes Gift Card purchases. Use up to 8 tokens per transaction.
Cannot be used to discount items already owned.