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Becoming a Daz 3D Published Artist

Daz 3D is home to an exclusive collection of the best 3D models from the best digital artists and 3D modelers in the industry. Our artists have provided models and content for some of the most popular movies, video games and comic books in the world.

Why publish at Daz 3D? The answer is obvious! Not only will your products have access to the largest 3D model customer base, but your products will also receive the same customer support that all Daz 3D products are given. No longer will you have to worry about keeping track of every little detail after your products are released. Trained DAZ support technicians will answer customer questions and emails for you!

Published Artists Perks
  • Daz 3D Published Artists have access to prerelease files for new Daz 3D figures allowing them to create add-on products for the latest figures well before the figures are released to the public.
  • Daz 3D provides a private Published Artist discussion forum, a private Published Artists Chat Room and an exclusive Videos and Tips forum for help with product creation.
  • Daz 3D Published Artists have access to the Daz 3D internal production team for help and advice in overcoming obstacles encountered during product creation.
  • Need to update your product? DAZ not only delivers files for both PC and MAC platforms, but will also update your product page info, images and even the installers whenever necessary.
  • Established Daz Artists can skip the preliminary product review stage and submit their work directly to our product submission system.
  • Daz 3D offers the most robust, thorough and experienced Quality Assurance team to ensure that your products work well for customers.
  • Daz 3D offers Platinum Club Membership perks to active Published Artists. These perks include:
    -30% Platinum Club discount on DAZ Original products.
    -PC Member Forum Access.
    -Access to Thousands of PC+ items available between $1.99-$7.99.
    -Weekly Freebies
  • Daz 3D Published Artists receive an additional 20% off Daz Original items beyond the standard and Platinum Club discounts.
Making money for your work
  • The products that you publish through Daz 3D will be announced via email notices sent out to an extensive opt-in mail list of hundreds of thousands of digital 3D art consumers world-wide!
  • The Daz 3D marketplace has tens of millions of monthly page views. These are consumers who will be browsing your work.
  • Enjoy the added profits of store-wide sales and promotions available only to Daz 3D exclusive products!
  • Daz 3D Published Artists receive 50% of the net revenue from the sale of their product(s).
  • Daz 3D offers Bonuses - The top 15 artists each month receive a 15% bonus, the top 16-30 Artists receive a 10% bonus. This is based on the previous 3 months of sales.
  • Daz 3D offers royalty payments twice a month via Paypal. Payments may also be made via check, or wire transfer (fee applies to wire transfer).

Types Of Things To Submit

What is ‘Content’ at Daz 3D?

Content is anything that an end user can import into their 3D rendering program enabling them to create their image or animation. This can include, but is not limited to, 3D figures, morphs, poses, skin textures, light sets, shaders, clothing, hair, props, vehicles and environments.

How To Get Started

1. Say Hello

Just shoot a few images of your work to us, and we’ll let you know if it’s the type of thing our customers would be looking for.

HOW To Do This

To get the publishing process started, just email images of your work to HERE along with a brief description of what your product is (sending product files is not necessary at this stage). Please include as many images as necessary to give our team a feel for what the product will be.

These images should be in jpeg format and attached to an email unzipped.We suggest you browse through the most recent Daz Original item releases for examples of the image style and presentation we are looking for. We prefer images that are 1000 x 1300, but understand that due to email attachment restrictions, smaller images may be necessary. These do not need to be final promotional images, but should represent the same quality and attention to presentation as one would expect in final store images.

Please do not sent product files. They will not be reviewed at this stage. Also do not include links to other products on sale at other brokerages as we want to see the actual product that you are interested in brokering with us.

These images will then go through Preliminary Review

The first round of review is conducted by the Preliminary Review Team. This team will briefly review the emailed unzipped product images. The team may suggest commercialization enhancements to the product and give valuable feedback regarding the promotion imagery etc. The preliminary review team will decide when a product is ready to move on to the Full Review Team. Products may be declined at this point if they are not considered high enough quality, or are of limited sales potential, among other reasons. You will be notified on where your product stands after the Preliminary review.

Send unzipped promo images and brief product description HERE. This will be sent to the Preliminary Review Team for you. We will try and get back to you with any feedback and a decision as soon as possible.

If your product is accepted for a full review, you will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and relevant tax forms. Once this is done you will be given access to our online Product Upload Submission System (PASS). The upload system contains the distribution contract agreement and ownership verification.

The Preliminary Review Team can let you know if you are on your way to publishing your set through Daz 3D, but is not the final word on acceptance.

Once you are an active Daz 3D Published Artist, you can skip this preliminary review and submit products directly to the Full Review Team via PASS.

NOTE: The promo imagery is where a lot of products fall short in their overall appeal. The best product with the worst promo imagery will not garner any interest from the review teams nor the customer.

We suggest that prospective PA's have a look in the Daz 3D Store for what type of imagery is being produced by existing PA’s. Daz 3D does not allow nudity of any kind in our promos. One of the key elements most forgotten is good lighting and more importantly shadows. Shadows ground an item in a render and make it part of the background. Great lighting will only add to your promos.

2. Submit a product

Once we’ve gotten past step 1, you will be given a login to our Published Artist Submission System (PASS) so you can actually submit products. That’s it. Your product will be on its way through the release process. Then you start making money.

Release Process Details (what to expect)

1. Submission: Each time you submit a product to PASS you will be asked to accept the Publishing Agreement for it.

2. Full Review: Once your set is uploaded to the Published Artist Submission System (PASS), the second round of review begins. This is done by the Full Review Team. This team makes the final decision for the product to move on through the process of release. The final review team can overturn the preliminary review decision and decline products at this stage. The Full Review team can also make requests for changes to the promo imagery and even suggestions for enhancements to the products.

3. QA, Testing, Art, and Final Review: Once a product is accepted by the Full Review Team, it moves to the Daz 3D QA queue. The QA group is responsible to do a final test of the product to make sure it meets the outlined product features. The Q/A team will add metadata and set up the product’s store page. The product's text and imagery receives its final review. If any fixes are needed this team will communicate with the artist to make the necessary changes.

Products not sufficiently Beta tested prior to submission, resulting in excessive testing time and an unreasonably large number of required fixes, may be removed from Q/A testing and must be resubmitted for consideration.

4. Ready to Release: When Q/A finishes testing the product they will build the store page and assign the product over to the art and publishing teams to give a final check to the page and artwork. After this quick check, the product is handed off to the Marketing team for release. Marketing will set the release date, introductory discounts and any additional promotions and offers.


Some Handy Guidelines For Submission To PASS


Still Have Questions?

If you are not ready to submit a product, but have questions about how this all works, our publishing terms, or anything like that, please submit a request HERE. No matter what stage of creation you are at, we look forward to working with you.

Why Publish with Daz 3D?

“Do what you love and love what you do! Daz 3D is the only place that has allowed my creativity and talent to flourish whilst being nurtured by the best team of people I've ever met. I get to do what I love and thanks to Daz 3D, I love what I do!"